Single Action Quick Release – SAQR

This new product from Rowfit now allows us to offer Quick release system to any winged rigger boat

Originally designed to offer quick release to reverse rigger boats this product can now be utilised by all winged rigger boats

These plates are made on a CNC milling machine made from the highest grade T6 Aluminium and protected with Marine grade Anodising.

This product can support both Sweep and Sculling riggers on the one boat, and use the original mounting holes.

All Fasteners are supplied with this product.

We need to know the hole centre on the rigger mounting plate see QRSA Dimensions Sheet for more information.

If you have a different Hole Centre than listed still fill in the dimension sheet and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

All prices are per pair, Prices from:



Hole Centre

Standard Hole centre are. 175, 180mm( Empacher/Fillippi) , 190mm (Sykes), 220 (Sykes),225,245,260, Hudson 6” and 8”.

Additional information

Weight 440 g
Dimensions 30 × 3 × 5 cm
Type of Boat

Single Scull Front Wing No Backarms, Single Scull Front Wing With Backarms, Single Scull Reverse Wing, Double Scull No Backarms, Double Scull with Backarms, Double Scull Reverse Wing, Double Scull/Pair Revese Wing, Pair with Backarms, Pair / Double with Back Arms, Quad No Backarms, Four With Back arms, Quad With BackArms, Quad/ Four with Back Arms, Quad / Four Reverse Wing, Eight, Eight Octo No Back Arms, Eight Octo With Backarms, Eight + / Octo with Back Arms