FAS© Steering

The Fully Adjustable Stretcher (FAS) is a unique foot stretcher which can fit into any boat.

The FAS© Steering comes with our unique steering plate.

There are 2 main components which you need in order to accommodate different types of boats.

Top Tube (F32) and the FAS Track (F01)

Top Tube
We need to know the length of the top tube in mm.
If you are replacing an existing stretcher simply measure the existing tube and provide the length below.
If you are ordering a a foot stretcher as a spare, enter 400mm below. This is our standard tube length.

FAS Track
The length of the FAS track needs to accommodate the difference between the deck of a boat to the top of the keel block.

FAS track F01 300mm – Max Depth:155mm – Boat Type: LW 2x & 4’s
FAS track F01 330mm – Max Depth:175mm – Boat Type: HW 2x & 4’s
FAS track F01 360mm – Max Depth:195mm – Boat Type: 1x HW 4’s & 8’s
FAS track F01 400mm – Max Depth:225mm – Boat Type: 1x & 8’s


Dimensions *

300, 330, 360 or 400mm are our track sizes.
For Top Tube please provide a custom size between 300 and 400mm.

Additional information

Weight 985 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm