Ergo Coach

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Training tool for a Concept 2 Ergometer.

Designed to help coach seat handle speed in and out of the front turn and much more

Ergo Coach Overview Video

Material:  Anodised Aluminium

Assembly: The Ergo Coach has 4 main parts

  1. Under seat frame
  2. Side Plates
  3. Extension Bars
  4. Top Bar

Installation video

Part 1 needs to be fitted between the ergo seat and the sliding bogie. This is done by removing the 4 screw under the seat and positioning the frame on the bogie and replacing the screws.

There are 2 side plates which are held on by 4 thumb screws  ( 2 ea. Side) There is a directional arrow marked which needs to point to the ergo wheel.

There are also 2 Extension bars which need to be bolted together . These have numbers marked on their top edge and slide into the side plates from the arrow end of the plate. Make sure that bar with the hole in it is on the inside of the bar that slides into the Side Plate

Last part is the tube which has 2 M6 bolts. Remove the bolts from the tube and fit the tube to the end where the holes are on the extension Bars, tighten screws till firm.


Additional information

Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 64 × 25 × 20 cm